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We want you to feel at home in our home, this is where your puppy learns about potty training and is socialized with other pets and people


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We are available to give advice whenever you need it, especially after you take your puppy home. Call or text us with questions and you will get a prompt reply.


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We have been breeding Mini Dachshunds since 2006.  We own all our females and males. Our dogs and puppies are raised in a home environment. Puppies are pre-spoiled and ready for their new forever home.

A little about us

What to Expect

Allan  and I (Teresa), plus our 12 Mini Dachshunds - Our boys; Sir Duke Wayne Eastwood, Little Man Patches, Rusty So-Low and Remington Scout, plus our little girls; Cassiopeia Star, Coco Chanel, Cinni Safrass, Sadie Izabella, Tammy Joleen, Hazel Grace, Ginger Snap and Dixie Crystal -  welcome you to T's-Mini-D's (Tittle's Mini Dachshunds) in upper East Tennessee.  

We have been pet lovers for years and several years ago fell in love with Parker, our first Mini Dachshund.  This led to the purchase of our next mini - Sophie*, a playmate for Parker.  When I saw a little mini-red, I fell in love, which led us to purchasing Maggie Mae* and of course that led to the purchase of another male so we purchased Duke (a mate for Maggie). When I saw and held Daisy* (our long hair), I decided I just had to have her.  It was love at first sight with her first lick.  In the spring of 2010, we added 2 more little girls to our group, Cassie (a chocolate dapple) and Chloe* (a black & cream smooth).  They are a delight and have added lots of energy to our group.  Then in early spring of 2012, we were introduced to sisters - Coco (chocolate) and Cinni (red) short hair dachshunds - we couldn't decide which one we wanted, so we just took both of them.  Now our pack is complete, or so we thought!  In the Spring of 2013, we found Sadie Izabella and just couldn't resist so she was added to our pack, she is a sweetie with such a wonderful personality.  She simply wants to play all the time, and I do mean all the time.

Since my retirement and the retirement of our older girls, we decided to add to our pack - We had added, Tammy Jolene (black & red), Hazel Grace (Chocolate), Ginger Snap (Long hair red), another male, Rusty So-Low (short hair red) plus Dixie Crystal (black & red). Then I fell in love with a chocolate long hair male, Remington Scout, we call him Scout.

Our love for this breed of dog led us to breeding and sharing this wonderful friend with others as a family pet.  We hope you come to love this little dog as much as we do

If you want a "lap dog" this is exactly the breed for you.  All of ours love to curl up on the couch to watch TV or will do almost anything to get our attention to play with them.  They love cheerios as treats when doing their little tricks, but their favorites are tomatoes, carrots, green peppers, and sweet potatoes.  They can hear my vegetable peeler and will come running.

We carefully breed, spoil, and love each litter that comes along.  We start the pad training as soon as possible and send each puppy home with instruction packets and a goody bag.  Each puppy has had it's dew claws removed, had their first Vet Check, is weaned and eating puppy food before being released to their new owners.

Allan & Teresa Tittle 


Tittle's Miniature Dachshunds